Three days to come up with an international, multi-channel campaign for a pioneering  new eye implant for people suffering from the most common cause of blindness in the world.

Together with other creative teams from Germany, France and America we spent 3 days in a London hotel critically assessing the brief and researching before splitting off into our individual teams and then pitching the ideas internally at the end of each day.

Over 100 ideas were generated which were then whittled down internally before 10 were presented to the client with the final 5 went to consumer testing. My idea was the eventual winner.

My insight was 'The joy of the everyday', highlighting the enormous difference to peoples lives even a small improvement in vision could make by juxtaposing a seemingly innocuous event with celebratory stylised copy. My initial scamps and mockups formed the basis of the campaign and it is currently being outsourced to a production house for film and still assets to be used world wide.

An international, multi-channel campaign for a company that offers egg freezing to increase fertility options for women.
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